Welcome to indiVISIBLE.

The LAVA Center is thrilled to introduce indiVISIBLE, a part of MassHumanities’ Expand Massachusetts Stories program.
IndiVISIBLE, guided by Alfonso Herrera-Neal and Lindy Whiton, documents the lives of indispensable yet too often invisible agricultural workers in Western Massachusetts through images and stories.

The gallery exhibit debuted in February 2024 at Greenfield Community College and, on May 3, opened a 3-month run at The LAVA Center, 324 Main Street in downtown Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Beginning in August 2024, a display of indiVISIBLE stories and images will be available for tours to community centers, schools, and libraries.

Contact us to inquire about booking indiVISIBLE for a half-day or more.

Watch for indiVISIBLE to be displayed at First Congregational Church of Ashfield, Massachusetts, in October 2024.

Check out the archives with full interviews, photo collections by Alfonso Hererra-Neal and Lindy Whiton, and lesson/unit plan suggestions for educators.

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Everyone has a story, a piece of history worth sharing, or a breakthrough idea too good to keep hidden. That’s why we’re here to listen.

Welcome to the indiVISIBLE hour, a program dedicated to collecting and preserving the oral histories, personal stories, and folklore of agricultural workers and their communities in Franklin County, MA, and beyond.

We aim to create a space to uplift and amplify our communities’ unique voices and perspectives.

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If you have a story to share or want to learn more about indiVISIBLE and how you can be involved, contact us here.