So much depends on agricultural workers, nearly three-quarters of whom are born outside the U.S.

They pay taxes and contribute to the economy, work in extremely difficult conditions, and many are subject to daily threat of deportation and family separation.

On average, they have lived in the U.S. for over ten years and worked for the same employer for seven. Along with domestic workers, they lack the protections afforded to all other workers in every other industry.

They grow and harvest the food we eat.

We spent the summer and fall of 2023 getting to know some of them a bit, listening to their stories.


Alfonso Herrera-Neal—Co-Director, Black and White Photography; Podcast Host/Producer

Lindy Whiton—Co-Director, Color Photography, Field Interviews and Outreach Coordinator

Clara Witty—Project Assistant, Field Interviews and Outreach

Elias Neijens—Project Assistant, Field Interviews and Translation

Jan Maher—Project Advisor

Doug Selwyn—Project Advisor

Matthew Barlow—Exhibit, Curriculum, and Archival Advisor

Special thanks to: All the farmers who welcomed us and shared their stories with us. Humanities advisor Alyssa Arnell. Project consultants Hannah McDonald, Michael Kline, and Carrie Kline.